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31-Dec-2017 19:44

Years Before Christ are of a negative value (or zero).Since the numeric values of years are unique integers, the designations "AD" and "BC" are useless (BC is misleading), and are generally omitted.But "the sum of years before and after Jesus Christ" referred to the years between a number of instants at the beginning of those years, including the beginning of year 0, identified by Cassini as "Jesus Christ", virtually identical to Kepler's "Christi".Consider the three instants ('years') labeled beginning at 1.0 outside the interval.

Bede continued this earlier tradition relative to the AD era.

Bede did not sequentially number days of the month, weeks of the year, or months of the year.

However, he did number many of the days of the week using a counting origin of one in Ecclesiastical Latin.

The anno Domini nomenclature was not widely used in Western Europe until the 9th century, and the historical year was not uniform throughout Western Europe until 1752.

The first extensive use (hundreds of times) of 'BC' occurred in Fasciculus Temporum by Werner Rolevinck in 1474, alongside years of the world (anno mundi).The modern English term "before Christ" (BC) is only a rough equivalent, not a direct translation, of Bede's Latin phrase ante incarnationis dominicae tempus ("before the time of the lord's incarnation"), which was itself never abbreviated.

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